The Opportunity

The growth in online, on-demand movies, TV, sports and other entertainment has been phenomenal in recent years. But several limitations in today’s streamed content offerings mean viewers are often restricted by platform, format, geography or cost. Efficient and low-cost access to a broad range of entertainment is currently impossible to achieve legally and globally.

Blockchain technology creates new opportunities for the distribution and consumption of streamed digital content by:

  • making it easier, cheaper and more efficient to access, watch and recommend entertainment, and removing the incentive for illegal downloads and file sharing
  • enabling accurate and efficient tracking of media consumption, to better reward content views, attention and community participation
  • improving and simplifying digital rights and royalty management, giving content owners better control of digital assets so they are willing to make streamed content more broadly available

Meet Xfinite

An innovative social and entertainment ecosystem powered by blockchain technology, Xfinite rewards registered viewers for watching exclusive content, including movies, TV shows, sports and user-generated content.

It connects viewers, content, actors, brands and other partners, while rewarding all who participate in its new digital community.

Xfinite’s unique business model includes a strategic alliance with a world-renowned digital content owner and its exclusive content and vast user base.

Redefining the digital entertainment ecosystem

By combining exclusive access to a broad range of digital content with blockchain technology, Xfinite incentivises its community to watch, contribute and participate.

  • Viewers will be rewarded with tokens for watching movies and other digital entertainment, generating their own content, and by participating in the community. Tokens can be spent on subscriptions, viewing premium content, reducing ads, giving to charity, or purchasing merchandise and partner products
  • Content owners can track content consumption, accurately analyse play time length and monetize usage
  • Advertisers will have better programmatic and addressable advertising and improved ROI
  • Token buyers will benefit from an asset-backed token with real utility and a platform backed by a leading digital content producer and distributor. The token has been designed for long-term viability, with investor protection through use of a regulated framework, and strong long-term incentives for team and advisors

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